Saturday, November 22, 2008

Corozal Chess Assocaition in ACTION!

Tournament directors at work:
Corozal Association just had their level 3 training and their First Chess Day, the following day. All the coaches are highly trained and experienced: most of them not only attended regular training workshops, they participated in the summer chess camps for kids and for coaches. We wish that you would be at their First Chess Day: there was sooo much fun and it was all done due to the energy of those determined coaches: Rosana Ake from San Joaquin R.C., Gilberto Perez from San Narciso R.C., Humberto Juarez from Louisville R.C., Humberto Sanchez from Our Lady of Guadalupe, Virgilio Ruiz from St Francis Xavier R.C. and Raymue Ake from Paraiso Gov School.
St Francis Xavier R.C. hosted the event and there were a lot of activities to enjoy.
Mini Tournament:

Art Area:

I bet you haven't seen chess pieces like those before!!!

Local Community members joined us for the day of fun and chess:
Chess Puzzles Area: this student managed to find the most solutions to the famous 8 Queens Puzzle. The task is to place 8 queens on the board in such way that none of them attacks each other. Seems simple, but try it and you will see how challenging this puzzle is!
Sportsmanship and Positive Attitude : as you can see this student who just had his King checkmated looks at the position with the smile, acknowledging that his opponent did a great job. This player lost the game but showed the quality of the best chess players: positive attitude and sportsmanship, making all of us, coaches, really proud of him!
The rest of the kids during the day displayed excellent attitude, team work, sportsmanship and enthusiasm.
During the award ceremony there were art supplies, medals, chess bracelets and chess sets given out to the winners of different fun competitions:

Thank you coaches for putting so much time and energy into keeping the chess life in Corozal active!

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