Friday, June 6, 2008

Corozal Chess Association

President: Virgilio Ruiz
Vice President: Humberto Sanchez
Secretary: Humberto Juarez

Asst. Secretary: Rosana Ake

Treasurer: Raymur Ake
Asst. Treasurer: Faustino Yam

Office: Virgilio's Ruiz residence at #82, 3rd Street, South, Corozal Town.

Aims and objectives: To promote a higher level of chess skills in the Corozal District.

Present Active Clubs: Xavier, San Joaquin, Libertad, Cristo Rey, San Narciso, Louisville, Paraiso, and San Antonio.

First Meeting took place on Friday, June 6th. Present at the meeting: Humberto Sanchez, Raymur Ake, Rosana Ake, Faustino Yam and the Principal of San Narciso Mr. Perez.


Humberto said...

Great photo!! Looks that Chess in really on in the Corozal District. It's great that coaches are meeting to practice and improve their skills. Hope we can meet again sometime soon. Great playing with you guys!

raymur said...

this is raymur from corozal we need to uipdate pictures

chess works for me at school both as punishment and rewards
and everybody wins

my new emaIL Address is